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Lara in Trouble (Is Gross) | Megan Condis

Lara sounds distressed and like she’s in pain in the actual game, after all, and as many critics have asserted over the years, pained women in video games often sound inadvertently sexual. In an interview with Lewd Gamer, StudioFOW explains that they “had to make the movie a rape fantasy due to the audio limitations.” Now that StudioFOW have the resources to hire voice actors, they continue to make rape fantasies anyway.

New art - Lara in Trouble - Masked Evil

Subject: [Gwyllion] New art - Lara in Trouble - Masked Evil. The tomb raider is having a bad day... Or a good day, depending. This image started as nothing more than me playing around with new ways to draw organic tentacles very quickly in Photoshop. Lara is my "go to" gal for mostly plot-less tentacle ideas, but you can't really draw something ...

Let's Play Tomb Raider - Part 1 - Lara Croft in Trouble - YouTube

Sexy Lara in ihren jungen Jahren! Eine gewagte Expedition wird der angehenden Archäologin zum Verhängnis! Wie Fräulein Croft schon jetzt von einer Gefahr zur...

Tomb raider Lara in trouble Chapter 2: lara failed, a tomb ...

tomb raider Lara in trouble. Chapter 2. captured alive. Disclaimer : I do not own Tomb Raider 2013 game this is the first time I made a M rated story showing Lara returns from the island thought it was over or was she wrong as someone else was aftering her hope you enjoy this story of what happens if Lara didn't shot Vladimir and I want to thank zenotai123 for helping me Warning nudity and rape.

Wildeer Studio (@WildeerStudio) | Twitter

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Lara's Nightmare - Studio FOW

LARA'S NIGHTMARE. RELEASE DATE: NOVEMBER 30TH, 2016. Yamatai Island. After many days and nights of endless humiliation, torture and unspeakable depravity…this was the worst of it all. Lara Croft knelt on all fours, collared and helpless. Her blistered palms flat against the smooth stone surface of her makeshift prison.

[ Ryona リョナ ] Lara in trouble III in TR - YouTube

Mathias kidnaps Sam and Lara steps on a bear trap, then gets mauled by a wolf. A SURVIVOR IS BORN. :v[Tomb Raider]

Lara Croft tied down and abused - Newgrounds.com

Lara Croft tied down to the ground. Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks!. Just $2.99 per month or $25 per year.

wildeer studio is creating 3D NSFW models and ... - Patreon

Hello, I’m Max and this is the wildeer studio. I’m a 3D hobbyist from Europe, specialized in character creation, animation and VFX. The final public animations can be viewed for free on my twitter channel. I use Blender Eevee real-time renderer for these. If you love my work, this is the best place to help support me.